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Wheat Protein Premium for 2022

Jun 06, 2022

Great Bend Co-op producers may notice a bit of change at the scale and on their tickets this wheat harvest (2022). Beginning this Summer, Great Bend Co-op will be testing for wheat protein on all loads at all locations. Because of this testing, producers may be eligible to receive a Wheat Protein Premium at the time of settlement of the grain if they exceed a set protein level.

A couple important items to remember:
  • The Protein Premiums are Subject to Change WITHOUT Notice
  • Protein Premiums are Paid at SETTLEMENT, not at delivery
For the latest Wheat Discount Schedule, please visit

The process will cause a little bit more time on the scale for each truck, but our team is trained and ready to get you back to the field as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to a safe and successful wheat harvest season!

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