The Agronomy Department at American Plains Co-op handles a full line of crop nutrient and crop protection products with the needed support services to help the producer be more successful.


  • Application of Over 450,000 Acres Per Year
  • 5 Agronomy Production Specialists
  • Years of Agronomy and Application Experience
  • Centrally Dispatched Applicators


  • Liquid Application
  • Dry Application
  • Aerial Application
  • Bulk Fertilizer and Chemical
  • Bulk Fertilizer and Chemical Delivery
  • Agronomy Scouting
  • Agronomic Training
  • Rebates and Programs

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Nutrient Stabilizers are products applied to Dry Fertilizer or mixed with our Liquid Fertilizer to help protect against:

Nitrogen Losses:

  • Leaching - Losses Down through the Soil as Nitrate-N
    • Threatening Groundwater Contamination
    • Typically Worse in Sandy Soils
  • Volatilization - Loss to the Air as NH3 Gas
    • Due to Warm Air Temps and Wet Soil Surface
    • Typically occurs when fertilizer is Surface Broadcast and Not Incorporated 
  • Denitrification - Losses to the air as N2 Gas
    • Due to Saturated Soils and Anaerobic Bacteria
    • Typically Worse in Clay or Harder Soils

Phosphate Losses

  • Soil Fixation - Phosphate Ions bond to the Soil Ions
    • Unavailable to the Plants in this form

American Plains Co-op offers solutions to these concerns in our broad line-up of Nutrient Stabilizers. 


The American Plains Co-op Agronomy Department offers our producers an in-house option for crop consulting. We have agronomists located at several branches throughout our territory.

Our Premier Consulting Program provides:

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Check of the Crop 
  • Written Report and Discussion with Agronomist 
  • Pest, Weed, and Disease Control Recommendation
  • Soil and Tissue Testing
  • Crop Planning
  • Access to Newest Technology and Tools
  • Service Behind Each and Every Sale  

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Ask An Agronomist

Do you have a question for our Agronomists? Click below to ask our experts about anything from "what is this weed?" to "what should I used to control Bindweed?" and everything in between. 

Once questions are submitted, the agronomy manager will pass it along to the agronomist who is best suited to help you and try our best to get you an answer in the same day!

Aerial Application

The American Plains Co-op offers a full line of aerial application including:

  • Herbicide
  • Insecticide
  • Fungicide 
  • Dry Fertilizer

Additionally the growers can expect the following with each application:

  • Direct Billing through American Plains Co-op
  • Access to Full Line of Programs and Specials
  • Agronomic Expertise 

Agronomy Team

Agronomy Locations

Application Technician Team