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American Plains Co-op growers can apply for the 2023 Truterra® Carbon Offer. This program streamlines the process for growers to receive Carbon Credit dollars from major companies looking to purchase Carbon Offsets. Through American Plains Co-op and Truterra®, growers will provide data showing that one of the following practices has been incorporated into their growing operation; reduction in tillage and/or the addition of cover crops within the last 1-3 years.

To see if you are eligible for the 2023 Truterra® Carbon Offer, take the quick survey below.

*There is no penalty for taking the survey and growers are not locked into the program by doing so.


As technology continues to take hold in agriculture, American Plains Co-op is committed to making technology make sense and be a painless process. We are using the most current technology to help our growers be more profitable and sustainable.

From satellite imagery to variable rate technology to data collection, we have the tools available to aid our growers in gaining the best return out of every acre. 

Decision Ag Services

  • Zone Mapping
  • Zone Sampling
  • Grid Sampling
  • Composite Sampling
  • Variable Rate Seed & Fertilizer Scripts
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Drone Imagery
  • Soil Moisture Probes
  • Yield Analysis
  • Nitrogen Modeling
  • Yield Monitor Calibration

Premier Acre Program

The Premier Acre Program is an all-inclusive precision ag program that allows you to choose what best suites your needs. 


At American Plains Co-op, stewardship means being responsible with our inputs and protecting the land. If we can help a grower put the right product at the right rate at the right time of plant development, we can ensure we are getting the most out of every unit of input.

By encouraging the use of cover crops or no till, we are helping prevent the erosion of topsoil and the retention of soil moisture. By doing these things, we believe we are not only helping a grower get more output per unit of input, but also being the best stewards of the land.


Climate FieldView helps seamlessly collect and analyze yield and as-applied data across several machine types to help track and evaluate the agronomic decision you make. Being able to compare field data layers can help our growers be sure they are making the most informed decision to that makes them the best economic return.


Farmobile is an innovative leader in data collection across many different makes and models. The data is standardized and viewable in real time from the Farmobile DataEngineSM platform and allows for the data to be stored in one place.
The Farmobile DataStoreSM exchange also offers revenue opportunities to growers and finally gives data real value.

Moisture Probes and Weather Stations

Irrigating can be a challenge, and getting the best use of our most valuable resource is crucial. With a soil moisture probe, we can make sure we are providing our crops with the correct amount of water.

Aqua Spy moisture probes also allow us to see where our nutrients are moving within the soil and make sure they are available for plant uptake.

American Plains Co-op is your local FieldWise dealer offering moisture probes, weather stations, electric fence monitoring and more! 

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