Crop Production

It all starts with Seed

Our full service Seed Department is here to help match the hybrid to the soil type that will maximize the yield potential of your field. Whether it’s a drought tolerant variety or an Xtend™ soybean, we offer a full line of traits to best suit your needs. 

Treat and Protect

Treating the seed against pests and disease is vital to protecting yield. Seedling disease and insects can be yield robbing from the start. Seed treatments have proven to be valuable at protecting yield.

Plant growth regulators and biologicals have shown to be a huge benefit in helping realize the full yield potential of the seed. Products we offer like Quad1 help to get the seed off to a good start.

Our new batch treater disperses our seed-applied treatments evenly and safely onto the seed.

Manage From Emergence to Harvest and Beyond

Our Agronomy Department offers full consulting services with our Ag21 Program to ensure your crop is healthy and protected all season long.

We take pride in being as timely and precise as possible. Whether it is liquid, dry, or aerial application, we have the tools to take care of your needs. We also offer variable rate and row crop dry application.

We offer a full line of fertility and crop protection products to ensure that we have what you need, when you need it.

Plan and Evaluate

 Ag Technology is becoming common place on the farm. American Plains Co-op is your leader in Precision Ag.

Using tools like variable rate technology and in-season imagery, we make sure every field has the best ROI possible. 

When the crop comes off the field, we are here to help evaluate your yield maps and plan for next year. 

Conservation Agronomy and Stewardship

Being good stewards of the land is something that is very important to us and we know its important to our growers. Government and state programs may be available to growers to help ease the burden taking on new conservation practices, and our staff is available to help guide you through that process.

Tools like Truterra Insights Engine® from Land O’Lakes Truterra® can use your current practices to show how different conservation practices can help you profitably be more sustainable for future generations.