October 2019 Key Discussion Points

Oct 01, 2019

October 2019 Key Discussion Points
Premier Acre Program
 Premier Acre Precision Program – Introducing the Premier Acre Program from our Decision Ag Department. This program allows you to get the most out of utilizing precision practices by bundling services into a concise and easy to understand plan. The Premier Acre program is a 4-year contract with 4 different options ranging from Zone Management down to 2.5 Acre Grid Management. This 4-year plan takes the timing and guess work out of sampling and creating prescriptions, thus minimizing the potential time delays that come with yearly decision making. Talk to Mark Bauer at Great Bend Co-op today to learn more.
AgriEdge Program
AgriEdge Excelsior® is a record management and marketing tool offered through Great Bend Co-op. Within the AgriEdge program, growers can create plans for upcoming crops, create application work orders, and track and manage applications and invoices. AgriEdge also offers a huge variety of reports, from simple break even reports to applied products by field, crop, or total farm. There are also FSA and profit margin reports available. The database is only accessible by the customer but has the option to allow access to your agronomist for easier planning and tracking.
Great Bend Co-op is your Certified AgriEdge Partner for Central Kansas. We offer options for data input and record keeping through this tool as well. Please contact Cammie Vaupel for more information on this free tool.
Atrazine Residual Weed Control
Adding atrazine to your Fall burndown applications is a cost-effective option to help control winter annual and early spring weed flushes. Atrazine remains a viable pre-emerge product on many grass and broadleaf weeds. Atrazine can be added to most fall burndown programs. Do not apply atrazine on ground that will be planted to wheat this Fall or soybeans in the Spring.  Talk to your agronomist today about getting your fallow ground sprayed.
Yield Monitor Calibration
As the whirlwind of fall harvest and wheat planting begin to take hold, it is important to remember to take the time to calibrate yield monitors. If you plan to utilize your yield maps for post season analysis, having correct yield data is imperative. A yield monitor can sometimes be off in a lower producing part of the field and closer to being more accurate in a higher producing part of the field. This causes incorrect data that cannot be corrected, even by post-harvest calibration. Calibrations should be done at least once per season per crop. Don’t forget, if you need help calibrating your combine we are happy to bring a weigh wagon out and help you through the process.
National Co-op Month
October is National Co-op Month. We would love your input on why you enjoy doing business with Great Bend Co-op! Send us your answer to info@gbcoop.com along with a picture of you or your family working on the farm for a chance to be featured this month on the website and social media!

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