It All Starts with Seed

Nov 11, 2020

It All Starts with Seed


To have a successful season, seed selection is key.

The most vital step in growing high quality, high yielding crops is selecting the seed and trait package that fits your specific acre.   Soil type, crop rotation, water availability, and management style should all be considered when choosing your varieties.  Fall planning with our seed department offers you the best possible seed discounts with the flexibility to make changes up to mid-January.

Upon determining the best seed and trait package for your fields, you can start to build a full management plan including herbicides for weed management, fungicide based on response to fungicide scores, and nutrient management plans based on soil type, application options, and response to nitrogen scores for each variety. Weed management includes employing multiple effective modes of action to help prevent weed emergence and resistance concerns.

Are you utilizing your yield data to its full potential?

How many growers gather yield data during harvest only to throw the results onto their computer or corner of the desk and never look at it again? Utilizing harvest data can help you determine management changes that need to be planned for the next crop season.

Do you see trends in your field that need to be addressed? Could employing zone soil sampling and zone management help reduce inputs on lower yielding areas and help you place your dollars where they will be fully utilized by the crop? Our Precision Ag team is here to help you understand and apply your yield history to help improve your crop plans for the upcoming season.

Not currently gathering yield data but would like to be? We have solutions for that as well!

Financing Available

Did you know that Great Bend Co-op and its partners offer multiple financing options to help you keep operating at peak performance?  Between our finance options and optimal prepay and early order discounts, you can set yourself up for a successful season with a positive return on investment no matter the size of your operation.

2020 Test Plot Insights

Each year, Great Bend Co-op puts in multiple test plots with the knowledge that local data is key to improving seed selection and choosing the best agronomic options for your acre. From planting date studies to cover crop impacts, our plots cover multiple aspects of modern agriculture.

Click HERE to view the 2020 Test Plot Insights Guide

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