Agronomic Top 3 for July 2022

Jul 14, 2022

Agronomic Top 3 for July 2022
Wheat Stubble Burndown – As you look around the country, you might notice a lot of wheat stubble fields are starting to green up with weeds. Pigweeds are growing several inches per day at this time of year and can quickly get out of control. Spraying while they are small gives you the best chance at getting good coverage, preventing viable seed from being created, and saving on moisture and nutrient loss to pesky weeds. While we are doing our best to get to all fields in a timely manner, the extremely high temperatures in the afternoon make it difficult to spray, so our hours in the fields are somewhat limited. Turn in your burndown applications today!
Fungicide on Corn – Corn is reaching tassel stage in most of our trade territory. This is the best timing (VT to R1) for an application of fungicide to help prevent foliar loss, help ensure strong, healthy stalks, and keep your plant healthy longer. The longer your corn is green and growing, the more time it has to fill nice, big ears. It is important to also be scouting for spider mites in your corn at this time. Spider mites flourish in hot weather, and we have a lot of hot days in the forecast!
Did you know you can turn in your aerial application through Great Bend Co-op to be sprayed by Tony’s Aerial Service? The benefits of doing so include minimized invoicing and utilizing your co-op prepay and/or financing options. 
Soil Sampling by Zone or Grid – Now is a great time to get your fields segmented into either zone or grids and get the sampling completed before wheat planting time. Our precision ag team is here to help you determine how zone or grid sampling can help you maximize your inputs on every acre! Call Mark Bauer today to get started!

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