Great Bend Co-op Featured in Ag Tech and Habitat Collaboration Article

Mar 24, 2019

Great Bend Co-op Featured in Ag Tech and Habitat Collaboration Article

The Great Bend Co-op was recently featured in a multi-platform blog article by sustainability leading power-house Land O'Lakes Sustain and conservation leaders from Pheasant's Forever. Great Bend Co-op, along with these two impressive stewardship-based programs, is working towards improved sustainability in agriculture.

In the article, Land O' Lakes and Pheasants Forever their new Ag Tech and Habitat collaboration and their goal to "leverage precision agriculture in support of wildlife habitat, while helping farmers focus on maximizing acre-by-acre productivity and profitability."

“Farmers we work with every day understand the importance of conservation that’s thoughtful, targeted and well-planned, and they’ve seen the value of precision tools that have already helped to optimize yields and boost productivity,” said Vaupel. “Farmers trust our ag retail staff as their go-to, number-one advisor in the field, and now we’ll have even greater capacity help farmers maximize the use of precision conservation, thanks to the help and expertise of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever specialists.

Great Bend Co-op CEO Duane Anderson agrees with the goals of the program stating, "Great Bend Co-op is focused every day on helping farmers make the best decisions for their operation, taking into account both long-term stewardship of the land and long-term economic viability,” said Anderson “This new collaboration between Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN and Pheasants Forever builds on our efforts at Great Bend Co-op to serve the farmer with dependable advice and in-field technology. It brings together the habitat expertise of Pheasants Forever with the knowledge of our in-field advisors and data-driven insights using the Truterra Insights Engine — all to help farmers focus on stewardship and habitat along with profit potential.”

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